“Thanks so much for all your help in this project. The heater works great and over Christmas when the power went out, AND their brand new generator failed…guess how they heated their house? You're lookin' at it.



Installing heater mason

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“This is the best pizza crust I've ever had. I'm so glad we went with Empire!”


Cathy Whims,

Star Chef and Owner of Nostrana in Portland OR


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We have spent years bring the best features of classic European designs, the Kachelofen, Russian stove, Finnish Contraflow, Swedish Kakelugn, and others together.

Masonry Heaters

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Empire Masonry Heaters

Warming hearts and homes

February 2016

Survival Heater with battery wall, Walworth, NY

January 2016

Commercial Pizza oven

Italian restaurant in 

Portland OR

We think your heater should be too. From customized add-ons such as benches, wood storage, shelves and mantles, to an endless variety of veneers, we are here to help make your family's masonry heater not just an appliance, but a centerpiece of your home.

Our proprietary white clay refractory mix rises high above the competition in strength, health, heat retention, and longevity.

Our versatile core systems can be customized to fit your need, style, and space requirements.

You are unique.

December 2014

5-channel with Empire soapstone veneer package