Now beautiful becomes affordable. 

From the beginning we humans have warmed ourselves with fire.  For hundreds of years we have burned our fires in wood stoves. Our ancestors made their first stoves of masonry.  We at Empire Masonry Heaters believe we still should.

At Empire we produce affordable and builder-friendly masonry heater cores and wood-fired oven cores--all in kit form. Whether do-it-yourself or using your mason you should be able to assemble any of our standard core kits within two days. With our veneer kits or your own finish materials the result is a functional, efficient, long lasting and beautiful wood-fired heater or oven.

All our core kits are American made and can be installed under existing codes everywhere masonry heaters and wood-fired ovens are allowed. Where emissions testing and approval are required, our products have been tested in EPA accredited laboratories where they have been found to be among the cleanest wood burning appliances.

Masonry Heaters

Sometimes called masonry stoves, they are the traditional fireplaces of Northern Europe, refined over centuries to be the cleanest burning and most efficient of all the wood burning appliances. Whether kakelugns in Scandinavia; kachelofens, grundofens and putzofens in th
e Germanic countries; contraflow Finnish fireplaces or Russian fireplaces, the heart of a masonry heater is its core and we can supply you!

All our masonry heater designs use a high temperature (refractory) core with finish material (veneers) according to the regional tradition or the user's choice.  Smoke channels between the firebox and the chimney absorb the maximum heat from the firing and gradually, gently comfortably release the energy to your room as radiant heat. We have mastered this technology, using our proprietary refractory mix, the only North American mix specifically designed for masonry heaters.  (Shown: our Envirotech Radiant Fireplace-the Classic Grundofen.)

Wood-Fired Ovens                                                                                                                                                                             The same technology used to heat your room with masonry can cook your food; and once again whether you're choosing among brick ovens, pizza ovens, baking ovens, outdoor ovens, or even wood burning cook stoves we can supply you with its heart and advise you how to use our cores to accomplish your goal. 
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